Prize question

Do you still believe in Bush, Blair and Bibi (Netanyahu) conspiracy theory that a bearded man from a cave in Afghanistan with 19 helpers with small knives (boxcutters) organized the 9/11 attacks?

Win € 100,000 in Euro’s or Gold

You can win € 100,000 if you can prove this official conspiracy theory of the American government and refute the scientific evidence against this official theory (you can use all the official evidence of the American government for this).

Below are 9 questions you have to answer.

1. Prof. dr. ir. F. van Herwijnen states in his book ‘Learning from Collapses’ that the method of collapsing WTC 1 and WTC 2 cannot be explained by the laws of mechanics and the law of conservation of energy and momentum. In other words, these natural laws did not work for 9/11.

QUESTION: Provide a scientific explanation of how WTC 1 and WTC 2 collapsed and convince Prof. dr. ir. F. van Herwijnen and / or equivalent experts of the accuracy of the official statement. (Note that the “use of explosives” may not be part of this, because that is not in accordance with the official statement).

2. Prof. dr. Dr. Niels Harrit and other scientists in his study ‘Active thermitic material discovered in dust from the 9/11 Catastrophe World Trade Center’ demonstrated that explosives (military version of micro termite) were found in the dust of WTC 1 + WTC 2.

QUESTION: Provide scientific evidence that this report is incorrect and that there was no residue of explosives in the dust. Report:

3. Most of the two buildings WTC 1 and WTC 2 pulverized into dust.

QUESTION: Give a scientific explanation of this “dust”. Indicate how this could be achieved without explosives and without the help of a nuclear power.
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4. Prof. dr. J. Leroy Hulsey has shown that the official NIST report on the collapse of WTC 7 is incorrect. The WTC 7 building was not hit by an aircraft. There was an office fire. It had never happened before in history that a steel-framed building collapsed because of fire. This happened on 9/11, with free fall speed.

QUESTION: Indicate why the official NIST report and the computer simulation model used by NIST are correct and the computer simulation model by Prof. dr. Hulsey not.

5. Prof. dr. Dr. David Ray Griffin, demonstrated in his book ‘Bush and Cheney: How They Ruined America and The World’, that on 9/11 at least 15 miracles took place, including the miracle of the laws of nature that did not apply that day.

QUESTION: Refute the observation that 15 miracles took place on that day.

6. The names of the 19 hijackers were not on the official passenger lists and five of the hijackers were still alive after 9/11.

QUESTION: Explain how that is possible.

7. Elias Davidson shows in his book ‘Hijacking the American mind’ that it was not possible in 2001 to make calls with mobile phones from high-flying aircraft.

QUESTION: Prove to Elias Davidson that what he is writing in his book is incorrect and prove that in 2001 calling with mobile phones at high altitude was possible.

8. The Lawyers Committee for 9-11 inquiry have submitted a now granted request for a Grand Jury investigation to be conducted at the New York District Court. (In a Grand Jury investigation it is determined during a non-public session whether the evidence gathered by the public prosecutor justifies that something is being thoroughly investigated or not, ed.) The lawyers argue with 51 pieces of evidence that the official story is not correct. (

QUESTION: Indicate why the 51 pieces of evidence provided are incorrect.

9. Although buildings with steel frames have never collapsed due to fire in history, this happened on 9/11, even three times. In addition, the BBC announced this on TV life 20 minutes before WTC7 collapsed, as if it had already happened. Whereby that happened.

QUESTION: Explain both facts.

Rules for valid participation

A. Transfer € 100 registration fee to bank account NL60INGB0008417279 for Stichting 11 September, stating competition. The amount will be refunded once a complete list of serious answers has been received.

B. Send your list of answers, complete with scientific explanations and evidence, to If your participation does not meet the above rules, the organizers of the competition are not obligated to respond in writing to your answers.