Our objectives

The objectives of the September 11 Foundation are

  • supporting initiatives for a broad, international, independent, forensic / scientific investigation about the circumstances of the US attacks on 11 September 2001
  • supporting initiatives for a legal investigation to enable criminal prosecution of the actual perpetrators
  • supporting initiatives to collect data on the impact of the attacks on humanity
  • promoting cooperation with similar organizations at home and abroad
  • approaching all forms of public media to explain the objectives and motives of the foundation
  • stimulating youth awareness about the circumstances and consequences of 9/11
  • raising funds to facilitate the above initiatives

The media unilaterally report about 9/11 and propagate the official lecture. For a balanced picture and a well-founded opinion, it is essential to investigate all facts yourself. On our website we have collected the most important books, videos and links to other websites that can help you on your way. Visit the site today.

Research, participate and / or donate!