George van Houts

“Fake news, false news, trolls, news-of-nonsense, conspiracies, conspiracy thinkers. These terms are constantly in the media. What else to believe? In the past, the newspaper was ‘a gentleman’ and the NOS 8-hour journal were sacred. You could count on that. The government was also reliable, certainly via Postbus 51. But nowadays?

People and the media lied to each other. It seems different now than in the past, but is that really so? No. Not at all. The fake news is as old as humanity. But in the past the citizens were law-abiding and therefore gullible. The Kom Plot theater lecture is about deception.

Deception is one of the oldest strategies in martial art. In textbooks for army commanders in imperial ancient China it was already taught thousands of years ago: deception is one of the best ways to organize an advantage over your opponent. For example, go to battle in your enemy’s combat kit! An attack under the ‘false flag’ has been particularly popular for many centuries. What does such a ‘false flag’ mean? You organize an attack on your own citizens and blame someone else for that. Then you have a good reason to go to war against the other and your citizens will agree with you.

The war history is teeming with examples. But when an attentive citizen investigates and concludes: “We have been attacked by our own government! It was an attack under a false flag!” then that citizen will immediately be accused of conspiracy thinking and get the stamp of ‘conspiracy maniac’.

This media tactic was perfected by the CIA after 1963, when millions of world citizens did not believe the official lecture on the murder of J.F. Kennedy and started asking questions. The CIA then paid millions to journalists, editor-in-chiefs and news show presenters to accuse anyone who questioned the Warren Report of ‘conspiracy thinking’. An extremely successful tactic that continues to work well today.

The government misleads the citizen, who does not trust the matter, goes to investigate and … gets an indelible stamp on the forehead: “conspiracy thinker”. And with that you are silenced and rendered harmless. With that risk, in Kom Plot, I treat conspiracies of the murder of Julius Caesar through the murder of J.F. Kennedy until finally the main subject: 9/11. In three hours I will teach you about fifteen inconsistencies in the official lecture of 9/11. With the most important never-satisfying-declared-smoking-gun: Building 7. But don’t be afraid: the stories and events are so absurd that there is a lot of laughter during Kom Plot. Come and see if you dare… “


Thus, the promotional text for my theater lecture. Outside the theater, the absurdities that I portray still lead a life of their own and thunder through in the raw reality. I am not a doubter, but if we continue like this and do not intervene now, little good can be expected in the near future. The lies must be finally unraveled, and the actual perpetrators must receive their right punishment. That is why I, together with a number of existing organizations in The Netherlands, conceived the plan to set up the 11 September Foundation. Even after my theater series, you must continue to provide this foundation with information and continue to discuss, debate, confront, collaborate, encourage and above all continue!

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